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Enroll for Graphic Designing courses today. Request Demo class from Graphic designers. Our instructor is having 15+ years hands on experience in Graphic Designing.2D/3D animation,Multimedia.

Graphic Design is one of the fastest-growing and high-paying career options in the world today. The demand for graphic design has increased multi-fold due to fast-paced developments in the sectors like advertisements, the entertainment industry, gaming, etc. Formal training can be of great help for acquiring the technical skills required for this field.

Dicazo Institute of Technology is a leading web designing institute that offers Graphic Design courses. The courses are designed to understand graphics as an essential frame-by-frame art. The students of our institution are technically, creatively-, and graphically trained to create believable motion. They acquire a comprehensive foundation in understanding the principles and elements of graphic design and its technicalities.

The courses offered in our graphic design institute are designed to train students with the technical advances of creative animation. These courses in animation train students to create extra-ordinary animated graphics

Dicazo Institute of Technology has seasoned faculty in the area of graphic design. After pursuing the courses at Dicazo, the students can become successful Graphic Designers, Website Designers and developers, Digital marketing experts, UI/Ux Designers, artists and directors for feature films, television, commercial production, and independent film projects.

Graphic Designing Course Objectives

  • Undeer standing Graphic Designing concepts
  • Design a flyer, brochure,logo using Adobe photoshop, CoralDraw
  • Learn the colour combination to be used in designing logos
  • Import images into the program
  • Making color corrections in images
  • Crop, rotate and straighten the images
  • Use several tools to add,remove,edit gradients, objects, effects
  • Add borders,styles and backgrounds to images
  • Create and publish photobooks and stunning slideshows
  • Print images using layouts and templates,new deisgns
  • You will learn Canva software which is very useful for simple designs.

Graphic Design Course Syllabus

1: InDesign Syllabus

  • Adobe Indesign.
  •  Introduction.
  •  Learn Indesign in thirty Minutes.
  •  Understanding your workspace.
  •  Creating a Document.
  •  Managing Pages.
  •  Text.
  •  Graphics.
  •  Formatting Objects.
  •  Color.
  •  Frames and Paths.
  •  Managing Objects.
  •  Transforming Objects.
  •  Character Formatting.
  •  Paragraph Formatting.
  •  Styles.
  •  Tables.
  •  Long Documents.
  •  Interactive Documents.
  •  Packaging, Printing, and Exporting.
  •  Conclusion.

2: Corel Draw Syllabus

  • Welcome.
  •  Exercise files and challenges overview.
  •  Getting started and using the workspace.
  •  Seeking additional help.
  •  Touring the interface.
  •  Exploring drop-down menus.
  •  Locating the toolbar and the toolbox.
  •  Understanding dockers.
  •  Setting up the page.
  •  Using rulers, grids, and guidelines.
  •  Navigating a multi-page document.
  •  Master layer & page numbering.
  •  Starting with a template.
  •  Understanding file formats.
  •  Using the Pick tool.
  •  Using the Shape edit flyout.
  •  Exploring the Crop tool flyout.
  •  Exploring the Curve flyout.
  •  Creating a basic shape.
  •  Dealing with dimension lines.
  •  Using connector lines.
  •  Looking at the Interactive tool flyout.
  •  Other interactive tools.
  •  Understanding font types.
  •  Installing fonts.
  •  Corel Font Manager.
  •  Using WhatTheFont_!.
  •  Types of text.
  •  Creating layouts.
  •  Working with tables.
  •  Shaping commands, including combine and weld.
  •  Grouping and ungrouping.
  •  Alignment commands and alignment guides.
  •  Copying versus duplicate and paste special.
  •  Challenge – Create a lighthouse logo.
  •  Solution – Create a lighthouse logo.
  •  Importing bitmaps.
  •  Cropping, resizing, and rotating bitmaps.
  •  Removing backgrounds from bitmaps.
  •  PowerTRACE.
  •  Working with PhotoZoom Pro.
  •  Exporting web graphics.
  •  Working with PowerClips.
  •  Using Find and Replace.
  •  Exploring CorelCONNECT.
  •  Examining scripts and macros.
  •  Publishing to PDF.
  •  Object styles.
  •  Discovering color palettes.
  •  Creating a colour palette.
  •  Getting started with color management.
  •  Challenge – Create a business card.
  •  Solution – Create a business card.
  •  Discovering the print dialog.
  •  Working with print merge.
  •  Challenge – Print merge.
  •  Solution – Print merge.
  •  Creating keyboard shortcuts and toolbars.
  •  Setting and resetting default properties.
  •  Changing the appearance.
  •  Exporting and sharing workspaces.

3:Photoshop Syllabus

  • Introduction.
  •  Working with Smart Objects.
  •  Creative Transformations for Designers.
  •  Essential Filters for Designers.
  •  Basic Shape Layers.
  •  Pen Tool.
  •  Fill Layers and Blend Modes.
  •  Essential Layer Effects and Styles
  •  Type Essentials.
  •  Painting Essentials.
  •  Working with Libraries.
  •  Art boards.
  •  Exporting Files and Sharing Images.
  •  Conclusion.

4: Advanced Photoshop

  • Opening Files.
  •  Documents and Navigation.
  •  Customising the Photoshop Interface.
  •  Digital Image Essentials.
  •  Cropping, Straightening, and Adjusting Canvas Size.
  •  Layers.
  •  Colour and Brush Essentials.
  •  Working with Layer Masks.
  •  Making Selections.
  •  Local Pixel Editing and Retouching.
  •  Blend Mode Essentials.
  •  Smart Object Essentials.
  •  Essential Transformations.
  •  Adjustment Layer Essentials.
  •  Essential Filters.
  •  Conclusion.

5: Illustrator Syllabus

  • Welcome
  •  How to use exercise files
  •  How to send feedback
  •  What is Adobe Illustrator_
  •  Installing Illustrator via Creative Cloud
  •  Touring the Illustrator interface
  •  Navigating a single document
  •  Working with Illustrator’s panels
  • Building and saving your own workspace
  •  Creating and using custom views
  •  What are Illustrator Art boards
  •  Creating multi-art board documents
  •  Exploring the Art boards panel
  •  Changing the size and shape of Art boards
  •  Layers in Illustrator Files
  •  Creating and editing Layers
  •  Targeting objects inside the layers panel
  •  Hiding, locking, and deleting layers
  •  Using the Selection and Direct Selection Tools
  •  Drawing basic shapes
  •  Drawing with the line tools
  •  The Pencil Tool and Brush Tool
  •  Modifying existing shapes and paths
  •  Grouping and Ungrouping objects
  •  Using Isolation Mode to edit grouped artwork
  •  Transforming Objects
  •  Repeating transformations
  •  Using Transform Each
  •  Creating and using gradient fills
  •  The Gradient Annotator
  •  Adding strokes to your objects
  •  Adding endpoints and dashed lines to your strokes
  •  Creating variable width strokes
  •  Understanding CMYK vs. RGB color
  •  Understanding process, spot, and global swatches
  •  Working with colour groups
  •  Loading .ASE files into Illustrator
  •  What are Appearances_
  •  Exploring the Appearance panel
  •  Applying multiple fills and strokes
  •  Working with effects
  •  Saving appearances as graphic styles
  •  Bonus – Appearances, advanced demo
  •  Creating compound paths and shapes
  •  Working with the Pathfinder panel and Shape modes
  •  Smoothing and erasing paths
  •  Creating artwork with the Shape Builder tool
  •  Using the Shaper tool
  •  Mastering the Pen tool
  •  Challenge – Using the Pen tool
  •  Solution – Using the Pen tool
  •  Creating point and area type objects
  •  Using placeholder text
  •  Exploring the type panels
  •  Setting type onto a path
  •  The Touch-Type tool
  •  Adding Type kit desktop fonts to Illustrator
  •  Converting text into paths
  •  Placing linked images into Illustrator
  •  Working with the Links panel
  •  Embedding images into your Illustrator documents
  •  Using clipping masks
  •  Using the image trace panel
  •  Converting pixels into paths
  •  What are CC libraries_
  •  Adding content to CC libraries
  •  Mobile tools and Illustrator
  •  Printing your artwork
  •  Packaging files for print production
  •  Legacy Save for Web
  • Using the Asset Export panel
  •  Exporting image files
  •  Deciding which courses to watch next-

Why Should You Learn Graphic Designing?

  • Job opportunities are really high in demand for graphic designers
  • Graphic designing is a fastest growing occupation in India.
  • You can work as a independent graphic designer from home.
  • Average salary for freshers is 15K per month.
  • For experienced professionals ( more than 2 years exp) salary starts from Rs 30,000 per month.
  • Every small to big business use posters,brochures,logos,pamplets for marketing their business, so there will be millions of opportunities.
  • Learning deisgning is very easy, you just need to have a passion to learn it.
  • You can wrok in MNCs’, Online and Print Publishing Companies, Design Studios, Advertising Companies.

Graphic Designer Job Responsibilities

  • Design brochures, logos, Labels, advertisements, and other communication materials.
  • Communicating with customers to get an understanding of what they need in their design.
  • Create or incorporate illustrations, pictures, and designs to reflect the desired theme
  • Review final design for any errors and ensure that final prints reflect customer specifications.
  • Creating eye catching images for social media post.
  • Designing briefs by gathering information and data to clarify design issues.
  • Implement the requirements related to Marketing Banners, icon design, web templates, Illustration, Business presentation
  • Drive application of design principles, colour and typography effectively across all deliverables
  • A professional approach to time and quality of work and work within deadlines.
  • Develop creative storyboards, visual themes, illustrations and layouts for brochures, infographics, presentations.

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Graphic Master Plus CourseFlash Master CourseDigital Marketing SEOJava Script
Graphic Design Premium CourseJavaScript Master CourseVFXAdvance PHP
Advertising Design CourseAJAX Master CoursePost ProductionAngular Js
Graphic Design Master CoursejQuery Master CourseAdv Online MarketingPhyton 
Graphic Design Standard CourseWeb Premium- Advanced UI Development CourseSEOc#
Visualization Standard CourseHTML5 CSS3 MasterSMONode Js
Advanced CorelDraw TrainingBootstrap MasterPremier proAndroid App
Adobe Illustrator CourseWeb Master Plus (WMP) Course PHP
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Adobe Photoshop Master – Web
 Mob App Development
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QuarkXPress CourseOnline Marketing  


 Who can take Graphic Designing Course?

 Any one who is interested to start their career in Designing field

 What is the educational qualification required ?

 A basic computer knowledge is required to start, there no min education qualification required.

 What are the job roles related to Graphic Designing?

 Graphic Designer Web Designer Creative Editir Photo Editor Video & Film Editor Product Designer Flash Designer Art Editir UI Designer Photoshop artist Photoshop Editor Photoshop Designer

 What is the duration of the Course ?

 Approximately 60 Hrs

 Do I get certificate after completion of the course?

 Yes all our students get course completion certificate.

 What is Apponix Certified Professional Certificate?

 After completion of the course we will conduct a exam, and if you get 80% or more in the exam you will get Apponix Certified Professional Certificate.

 Who is my instructor?

 Your instructor is a 15+ years experienced graphic designer, Animator & multimedia expert.

 How much is course Fees?

 Please call us to get best discounted corse fees

 Can I pay course fees in instalments?

 Yes,definitely you can pay in installments.

 Do I get placement assistance after the course?

 Yes, we have a dedicated Hr team who will help you get a job as soon as you complete the course.

 Why Choose Us for Graphic Designing Training?

 Excellent instructors with over 10+ years of experience. 5 Star rating from all our Graphic Designing students. 7000+ happy students since 2013. More than 100 batches coundeted in Graphic Designing 200+ tied up client companies to assist in placement. The one stop destination for all your learning needs. Flexible and convenient schedules and back up sessions. Graphic Designing practice papers enabled through mock assessments.

Which course is best for graphic design?

  • Google UX Design Professional Certificate
  • UI / UX Design Specialization by Dicazo
  • Free Graphic Design Courses
  • Adobe CC Masterclass: Photoshop, Illustrator, XD & InDesign Dicazo
  • Illustrator CC 2022 MasterClass (Dicazo)

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