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Learn UI UX Design: Best UI UX Design Courses In Jagatpura Jaipur

Our course curriculum takes care and follow latest Industry trends to design and develop projects. (Material Design & other Frameworks). Following with designing Mobile and Web apps for Desktops & latest handheld devices.


Top Leading Short Term Courses Certification Courses

Adobe XD

Top Leading Short Term Courses Certification Courses


Top Leading Short Term Courses Certification Courses

Join Our Best UI/UX Designing Course in Jagatpura Jaipur from the DICAZO INSTITUTE

Best UI/UX Designing Course In Jagatpura Jaipur

DICAZO Provide Best UI/UX Designing Course In Jagatpura Jaipur. The world we live in heavily relies on the digital platform. In the era of smartphones, interactive websites and overall enticing digital world, a profession are consistently flourishing. There is a huge requirement of creative professionals, artisans capable of designing new websites and applications. These professionals are artistic, and they help in determining the theme, color, design of the platform. They also ensure that people operating these platforms receive a smooth and flexible experience. Hence, the experts who deliver a great user interface and experience are known as UI/UX designers.

Why we are one of the best UI/UX design institutes in Jagatpura Jaipur?

Top Leading Short Term Courses

Certification courses

Dicazo Certification course

Adobe Photoshop

Duration: 2months

Dicazo Certification course

Adobe Illustrator

Duration:2 months

Dicazo Certification course

Adobe XD

Duration:2 months

Dicazo Certification course

Adobe Premiere Pro

Duration:2 months

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Our UI/UX design institute provides both online and offline training in UI designing and UX designing

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user experience matters is because it drives conversions and revenue, as well. In fact, Forrester Research has found that brands excelling in its Customer Experience Index grow faster and gain more revenue than their counterparts. Given that trend, shaping UX should be a core part of your digital marketing efforts


With decade long experience in software, we help our clients improve their brand's value with our UI/UX Design Services.

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Customers reviews

Absolutely loved this course. From start to finish, it's a great overview of UX Design, and the assignments are brilliantly designed to get you started working and actually doing UX Design
Adam Sendler
The course has been super helpful in understanding the difference between UI and UX. How to think of content vs design and how to craft your app to make it user-friendly.
Mila Kunis
Informational classes, interesting assignments, challenging timetable. The problem isn't the class itself, but the overall way the class is conducted.
Mike Sendler


Most frequent questions and answers

If you are looking for an offbeat career option and have a knack for visual design, psychology of human-computer interaction, web design combined with strong creative and technical skills, then UI/UX designing can be a lucrative career option for you

The demand for UX designers is steadily increasing. LinkedIn even ranked UX design as one of the top 5 in demand skills as of 2020 while Glassdoor added it to their list of best 50 jobs to have in 2021. … And CNN Money predicts the demand for UX designers to grow by 18% from 2015-2025

Beginner Level UX Designer Salary

With less than one year of experience, you start with a salary of average ₹ 4 Lakh per annum.

At some point, every designer has pondered this very question. If you are considering getting into UX/UI design, you’re probably wondering the same thing. The short answer is no. UX design does not require coding

If you love to design the product, love to decide the overall layout, size, color animation part and present that with your creative thought process then UI is better for you. Most of the companies hire a single person for both of the UX and UI job role, so you can also choose both.

UI UX designer job is not as easy as it looks. It is not only about creating icons, illustrations, and clean interfaces. It’s about how much you know your users so you can create usable products or features for them to achieve their goals.

UX design is one of the fastest-growing jobs currently. Hiring for UX specialists in particular grew 40% between 2019 and 2021. So, it is actually a good career choice.